Hyper-Personalized and Scalable AI Solution for Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease




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Treatment Protocols

Biometric Data

Patient Reported Outcomes

Since I’ve been using Sweetch I've been able to be more active for longer periods of time without fatiguing as much so I can play with my kids without needing to take a break



Sweetch is a digital personal intervention program that guides you in achieving your goals relating to weight, activity, healthy nutrition and habits, as well medication adherence, and treatment protocols, all leading you towards living a healthier life.

Sweetch’s health platform automatically turns millions of data points from your smartphone, connected devices, and Patient Reported Outcomes, into personalized and contextual recommendations. These recommendations continuously adapt to your personal, environmental and behavioral preferences, and will adjust your goals to promote a unique set of life habits and motivations.

Sweetch will support and guide you along your journey towards achieving your goals to live healthier, and will be by your side every step of the way.

Sweetch app has made me accountable. The app is really adapting to me and I appreciate the reminders that it’ll give me to report my meals