Who We Are?

ReacT2D is a mobile-based personal digital coach that helps you perform more physical activity and lose weight.

ReacT2D  was developed on the basis of Sweetch Health core technology, and was proven in a clinical trial conducted with Johns Hopkins, to have a significant clinical effect on weight loss, increase of physical activity, and reduction of Hemoglobin A1C levels to promote your health.

ReacT2D team, which includes leading professionals worldwide in the fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition, and diet are a winning combination that enables the creation of a tailor-made program. This fully automated program raises the user’s adherence to a weekly routine of physical activity, weight maintenance, and healthy diet, which promotes a unique set of life habits and motivation.


How does it work?

ReacT2D mobile app creates a personalized and adaptive intervention program for the user. The app guides the user to achieve the desired goals of 150 minutes weekly activity and 5%-7% weight loss. The way ReacT2D introduces activity recommendations into the user’s life is called LTPA, which stands for Leisure Time Physical Activity. Meaning – we do not just send people for a jog in the park, but rather integrate activity into their daily routine.

Complementing the activity program, ReacT2D provides the users with gradual and personal weight loss goals, along with the ability to track meals and health habits, which motivates the user to maintain a healthy weight and live a healthier life.

ReacT2D transforms data into personalized and contextual meaningful real-time recommendations that are continuously adapted to the user’s behavior.

ReacT2D recommendations are aimed to embed simple, yet clinically effective, adherence to health habits into the user’s current life schedule.



ReacT2D is not a healthcare provider. The contents of its service, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained in the services are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a physician or healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating people.

If individuals have or suspect that they have a medical problem or condition that may prevent them from continuing the program, then they are required to stop the program immediately and contact a qualified healthcare professional.

One must consult with their healthcare professionals, perform all necessary research and use their common sense before making any health, exercise, and activity or lifestyle choices. Please engage in any activity and/or exercise responsibly.


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