Welcome to the NovoCare®Saxenda® app

The NovoCare®Saxenda® app is your own personal mobile-based digital health coach! We are here to help you focus on performing more physical activity in your daily life while adhering to your medications schedule, so you can reach and maintain a healthy weight!

We are proud to say that the NovoCare®Saxenda® app has been designed by a team of leading professionals worldwide. Coming from the fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition and behavioral science, the NovoCare app program is tailor made just for you.

The NovoCare®Saxenda® App Program

The NovoCare®Saxenda® mobile app creates a personalized and adaptive program for each user specifically, so this app will always adapt to your goals and needs in real-time. We try to make building healthy habits realistic, therefore we do this by fitting health recommendations into your daily schedule and leisure time.

The NovoCare®Saxenda® app will provide you with meaningful tools to help you follow your treatment plan and reach your weight loss goal. The app will enable you to track the medication intake that your doctor has prescribed for you, and meanwhile it will personalize your medication reminders right into your routine so you take your medications on a consistent basis. The app also includes an info center for you to find everything you need to know about your medication. Every week you will receive a new info session specifically created to help you along your treatment journey.

The app will guide you to achieve your health goals by providing you with recommendations to complete 150 minutes of activity on a weekly basis. Don’t worry, we won’t be sending you for a jog in the park to start, but rather gradually integrating activity into your daily routine at your pace. You will also be encouraged to update your weight regularly with your digital scale so you can track your progress over time.

Along with the NovoCare®Saxenda® app activity program, the app enables you to reflect on your meals on a daily basis, so you can be mindful of a healthy diet, and to challenge yourself by defining your own weekly health habits that you’d like to achieve.

The NovoCare®Saxenda® app will provide you with personalized, contextual and meaningful suggestions that are continuously adapted to your behavior in real-time, so you can really build and sustain healthy habits in your everyday life.

We are here to empower you to reach your weight loss goals and live a healthier life, every step of the way. 



NovoCare®Saxenda® app is not a healthcare provider. The contents of its service, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained in the services are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a physician or healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients.

If you have or your health care provider suspects that you have a medical problem or condition that may prevent you from continuing the program, then you are required to stop the program immediately and contact a qualified healthcare professional.

You must consult with your healthcare provider, perform all necessary research and use common sense before making any health choice, exercise, activity, medications and/or other lifestyle choices. Please engage in any activity and/or exercise responsibly.

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