How is tracked activity calculated?

When we analyze the activity that you perform on a daily basis, we only consider meaningful activity towards your daily goal.

Why do we only consider meaningful activity?

Well, meaningful activity is the type of activity that is more likely to provide meaningful value to your health and yield a desired clinical outcome (i.e. weight loss, blood sugar control, healthy metabolism etc.).

What do we consider as meaningful activity exactly?

Instead of only focusing on step count, which on its own is a very arbitrary measure of activity, we primarily focus on activity that you perform continuously and at a certain pace.

For example, if you walk 20 steps from the couch to the kitchen, yes you are taking steps, but no this is not a meaningful enough measure to yield a clinical outcome and be counted towards of your daily goal. However, if you walk for 2 minutes continuously to the mailbox outside of your house while holding your phone, we do count these steps and minutes of activity towards your daily goal.