How is reported activity calculated towards your daily goal?

We have developed a unique algorithm that enables you to report the activity you perform throughout your day. In the same way that we focus on meaningful activity and screen out what has no clinical value from your tracked activity, we also only focus on the meaningful activity from activities that you report.

When we analyze the activity reported, we consider its distinct properties, the reported duration, the minimum duration for this activity to be considered as meaningful, and effort level. This is because all of these elements in combination can yield desired clinical outcomes or no outcomes at all.

We then apply our proprietary algorithm, screen out activity that is not considered to have clinical value, and determine how many minutes of meaningful activity you’ve actually performed. All in real-time, the minutes of meaningful activity are aggregated into an activity summary categorized by effort level, and are added towards your daily goal.

With this process in mind, you will probably see values you don’t expect.

For example, if you report that you’ve performed 30 minutes of light swimming today, it actually converts to 40 minutes of meaningful activity towards your goal. Or in another sense, if you’ve performed 60 minutes of moderately intense yoga today, it actually converts to 52 minutes of meaningful activity towards your goal.

This data is presented on your daily activity summary screen. Here you can track the details of activities you’ve reported, and view the total minutes of activity considered towards your daily goal per effort level.